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Financial Advocacy

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Trying to budget?
It can be scary.

Connex Credit Union wants to be your Financial Advocate. We will listen, understand your goals, identify your financial needs and priorities, and create a plan to help you improve your financial life.

Complete the secure form below and one of our Financial Advocates will contact you shortly. You can also stop by any of our eight branch locations and meet with a Financial Advocate at no cost. Planning your financial future can be exciting.
Connex is here to make it easy with this FREE, NO OBLIGATION SERVICE.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a specific account request or something of an urgent nature, please call us directly at 1-800-CR-UNION (1-800-278-6466).

Want to get a head start on reaching your financial goals?

Advocacy Success Stories

Member Advocacy Success Story: A member came into the branch looking to discuss financing options for purchasing new siding for his home; and possibly pay off one of his children’s student loans. After reviewing the member’s information, the Assistant Branch Manager (ABM) saw that he had an adjustable rate mortgage on the home. The ABM suggested to the member that he consider combining all three items into one loan, creating only one payment and at a low fixed rate. The member also informed the ABM that he was looking to retire in the near future, so getting him out of the 30 year mortgage was a good idea.

After combining the member’s mortgage and student loan, as well as giving him cash for new siding, we were able to get him into a 10 year special at a fixed, low rate. In addition to saving money on interest payments, the member can now retire with no mortgage payment!
Member Advocacy Success Story: "Jane" wanted to open up an Connex account since she was dissatisfied with her current financial institution’s service.  Our New Account Representative (NAR) discovered Jane had a mortgage with the financial institution as well as other various credit card debts. After reviewing their cash flow, the NAR discovered that the monthly mortgage payment and credit card debts were 22% of her family’s income.

The NAR informed her about Connex's ten year home equity special. This would allow Jane to consolidate her mortgage and credit card debts into one payment and at a lower rate.  Jane returned with her husband, completed an Advocacy Planning form, and submitted an application for a ten-year home equity loan. After completing the application, it was determined that they qualified for the 15 year instead. Working with the underwriter on the application, Jane and her husband were able to get approval within a week.

By combining their mortgage and credit card debts into one loan, they were able to decrease their total monthly payment amounts by 10% and save thousands in interest over the life of the loan.


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