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Connex Credit Union’s Mobile Banking service incorporates the convenience you want with industry-leading safety and security features that provide peace of mind. We’ve also assembled some common-sense steps you can take to help protect yourself and the important information on your mobile device.

Secure access to your accounts

When using our Mobile Banking applications you are protected by these security features:

  • Advanced encryption technology to help prevent unauthorized access
  • Multi-factor Authentication methods to ensure you are the one accessing your accounts, including bio-metric technologies. (Touch-ID on supported iOS devices and Android Touch on supported Android Devices)

Secure technology

Our fraud prevention and security systems help protect you with the latest encryption technology.

What you can do:

Update your Mobile Device

Mobile devices are actually small computers with software that you need to update just like on a PC or laptop. Make sure all your mobile devices (including laptops, tablets, smartphones) have the latest security protection. Check the website of your devices manufacturer or mobile carrier for the latest software updates.

Guard your personal information

Protect your phone or tablet device just as you would your computer. Secure your mobile device by using a strong passcode and be cautious about the sites you visit and the information you release.

Use a digital wallet

A digital wallet stores information about your physical debit and credit cards so you can make purchases at participating merchants. Certain digital wallets use virtual card associated with a token. The token is the digital form of your physical debit or credit card and it has a unique card number stored within a digital wallet that's different from the physical card number. So, it cannot be accessed from your digital wallet if your mobile device is lost or stolen. You can use your virtual card with your digital wallet to conveniently make purchases, just like your physical debit and credit cards. You still get all the rewards, benefits and protections your physical card provides.
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Think before you app

Before you download an application (app) on your device, review the privacy policy and understand what specific data the app can access. Only download apps from reputable sources.

Protect your money

When banking and shopping on your mobile device, check to be sure the sites are secure. Look for web addresses with https: in the address. This means the site takes extra measures to help secure your information. Many sites now feature a color-coded browser. If you see a green highlighted browser, this is a safe site. However, yellow and red sites should be avoided.

When in doubt, don't respond

Fraudulent texting, calling and voicemails are on the rise. Just like in fraudulent email, requests for personal information or a call for immediate action are almost always a scam.


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